Quality, Research and Development

With almost 100 employees our research and development department is the jewel of our factory. Here we develop new mechanisms and models, constantly strive to improve existing models, test materials and parts. Before any new components may be used for serial production they have to undergo through testing and need to pass strict self imposed quality requirements that in most cases are much higher than standards set by the German Association of Quality Furniture Makers (DGM). Moreover, random tests are run on components used in production to guarantee ongoing "Quality from Germany". While high-quality components are a prerequisite to manufacture a premium product, it is the people that ultimately make the difference! Despite many automated processes the making of upholstery furniture still requires a great deal of skillful manual labour. Properly trained and dedicated workers are hard to find. In fact, himolla compete with some of the world's most renown luxury car manufacturers who produce within less than 50 miles from our factory. Therefore, himolla proudly runs its own apprentice department where high school graduates are trained for their future job in both production and administration. This state-supported training program takes a minimum of 3 years and successful graduates are guaranteed a future with himolla. As a consequence our staff have a great loyalty towards the company and the average time of employment at himolla is an incredible 18 years! We’ve nicknamed it the ‘Folterkammer’ – the torture chamber – but our in-house test laboratory is actually a scientifically advanced facility, operated by skilled specialists. It is their job to subject both materials and furniture to extreme work conditions to gain proper performance comparisons. Abrasion tests, shrink and strength tests are performed over and over again. It’s a harsh regime, but hardship strengthens the breed! And as a result of the rigorous testing we know that all the materials we use in our upholstered furniture have the required quality and durability to meet our 3-way, 5 year guarantee. For more detailed information on our testing procedures, please see covers, electrical components, seat upholstery and frame and non-moving bearing components below.
Every fabric has to prove its durability through regular abrasion testing. All grades of leather are tested for colour and abrasion fastness, using intensive abrasion testing.
Electrical components
Electrical components are tested for extreme operational durability. In practice, this means they must prove their long-term functionality over a days-long period of rigorous, continuous testing.
Seat upholstery
Our seat upholstery is exposed to stringent endurance testing. This involves performing a compression cycle up to 80,000 times using a 75 kg weight. The cushion hardness and height are measured before and after testing.
Frame and non-moving bearing components
During strength testing, forces of up to 200 kg are dropped onto the upholstered furniture at a frequency of 30,000 cycles.


We offer a 5 year guarantee on all these parts:
+ Padding, sub-springing and interiors springing,
+ Frame and non-moving parts,
+ Durability and resistance properties of our Longlife leather and fabrics*,
+ Cold cure moulded seat cushions**,
This guarantee is subject to standard domestic use with our product care instructions.
(*General Quality and Testing Regulations for Furniture - Quality Assurance RAL-GZ430)
(**Where applicable)